The Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica presents the west coast premier of Warren Doody’s LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE, a play that focus upon a number of woman serving time for their murder of their domestic partners, and the backstory toward each one.
The story centers around the parole hearing of Helen Broker (Vivian Vanderwerd), serving twenty five years to life for the murder of her spouse. Her hearing, taking place at the California Institution for Women in Chino, California where she is housed, consist of three hearing board personnel. The prosiding “judge” Kellerman (Brook Joseph) instigates Helen in order to discover if she is fit for release. Upon the many questions she is asked during her hearing, she states that she belongs to an inmate run support group for those doing time for the murder of their husbands, boyfriends, and family members due to physical and/or emotional abuse.